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  5. 23 Aug, 2015 4 commits
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      Fixed help typo · 96ba6bef
      Jason Rhinelander authored
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      Added a nounihan database by default. · a72992fa
      Jason Rhinelander authored
      The full (unihan-included) database can be loaded by specifying the -H
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      utf8 script overhaul · 6cdfc017
      Jason Rhinelander authored
      - No longer depends on Perl's Unicode::UCD for information: instead a
        new script builds a unicode.data file from the UCD XML file.
      - Character aliases and abbreviations are now supported for searching
        and are displayed
      - Searching now accepts multiple search terms (or regexes), all of which
        must match (any of which if using new --or argument)
      - Control character abbreviations now come out of the unicode data
        instead of being hard coded.
      - Added scripts to download and extract the data from the latest unicode
      - Various character attributes are now reported
      - The new data file (unicode.data.gz) built by extract.pl is designed to
        work compressed, reducing the storage space required.
      - Added the unicode version in which a character was added
      - Small cosmetic tweaks
      - Rewrote --help output
      - Fixed bugs:
        - UTF-16 display was flat out wrong for 4 byte UTF-16 characters
        - --details didn't do anything when searching
        - searching never found control characters
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  9. 09 Oct, 2011 3 commits
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      Changed --decimal short option to -t · 1a2c090a
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      Added -d for --details
      Added -l and --list as aliases for --nodetails
      Made -X (and --HEX) actually work (it was mentioned in --help, but not handled in the code)
      Added the long option names for format aliases to --help output
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      - Added block/subscript information · dd7d9f37
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      - Added decomposition, when it exists, including looking up the decomposed character names, and printing out
      	the decomposed version (which should be visually indistinguishable, but can be copied)
      - Added unicode version to --help output
      - Allowed a single character to be prefixed with _ so that _e can be used to show U+0065 instead of U+000E
      - Changed the regexp matching a single character to \X instead of . so that it matches a single grapheme
      	cluster instead of just a single codepoint, thus allow decomposed character encodings to work properly
      - Print out an error if you try to do x-y where one of x or y is a multi-codepoint composition
      	(i.e. a grapheme cluster), since a range makes no sense in that case.
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