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    1. V3 Private key and serviceID now can be saved to ricochet.json · a656ef16
    arufu authored
    	1.1. this is done by modifying UserIdentity::setupService()
    2. in UserIdentity::setupService():
    	2.1. when keyData is not empty (entering the first if()), now v3 private key and serviceId will be read from file.
    	2.2. HiddenService constructor changed to set serviceId
    	2.3. Now starting Ricochet with existing V3 keys (in ricochet.json) will show 'Online' as well (was 'Offline')
    3. by 1 & 2 above, now hostname can be set properly. To display it:
    	3.1. in ContactIDValidator::idFromHostname(:
    		changed length check by adding 62 (v3 length) to conditions
    	3.2. in AddContactDialog.qml:
    		changed horizontalAlignment to Qt.AlignLeft for a better display
    	3.3. However, the 56-long v3 id will not fit the current window, to display the whole string, we will need to change the ui with QTCreator.
    4. Current status:
    	4.1. the v3 keys can now be generated, stored, used and displayed.
    	4.2. the display has some flaws.
    	4.3. still need to modify & test signing and verifying between users with v3 key pairs. This should be the last step.
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