Commit a04db693 authored by Chris Knadle's avatar Chris Knadle
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debian/copyright: update for file relocations

parent 069ae237
......@@ -84,16 +84,15 @@ Comment:
Broadcom Corporation:
Files: src/mumble/smallft.cpp src/mumble/smallft.h
Files: 3rdparty/speex-src/* 3rdparty/smallft-src/* 3rdparty/speexdsp-src/*
Copyright: 2002-2007 Foundation
License: BSD-3-clause
Comment: these files are copied from the Ogg Vorbis project
Files: src/bonjour/*
Files: 3rdparty/qqbonjour-src/*
Copyright: 2007 Trenton Schulz
2009 Stefan Hacker
License: BSD-3-clause
Comment: src/bonjour contains a modified version of the Qt Bonjour code.
Comment: contains a modified version of the Qt Bonjour code.
Files: src/CryptState.cpp
Copyright: 2005-2011 Thorvald Natvig <>
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