Commit c976a225 authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Updated library so versioning comment

Also removed a set of duplicate (and apparently unused) so version
parent f27b82dc
......@@ -12,20 +12,27 @@ set(fracdist_homepage "")
cmake_policy(SET CMP0046 OLD)
cmake_policy(SET CMP0042 NEW)
# libfracdist library version (CURRENT.AGE.REVISION), which is totally separate
# from the above.
# CURRENT gets incremented for an incompatible interface change
# AGE gets incremented for compatible-preserving interface changes/additions
# REVISION gets incremented for code changes without interface changes
# fracdist library version (CURRENT.REVISION.AGE), which is totally separate
# from the above. See
# Basic rules for updating these when releasing a new fracdist version:
# - If the new release has an API change:
# - CURRENT gets updated
# - REVISION gets set to 0
# - If the API change was purely an addition, increment AGE
# - Otherwise (i.e. an API change or removal), reset AGE to 0
# - Otherwise, if the release has no API change but has code changes:
# - REVISION gets incremented
# - (CURRENT and AGE stay the same)
# If there is no code change (e.g. the release is just a documentation update)
# then none of these change.
# (So something like 3.7.1 indicates the 8th revision of the
# interface, and that code that links against can safely link
# against this version, but code that links against cannot.
set(libfracdist_CURRENT "0")
set(libfracdist_AGE "0")
set(libfracdist_REVISION "0")
# The versions for the .so file; changes needed only for ABI-incompatible changes.
set(libfracdist_so_VMAJ 1)
set(libfracdist_so_VMIN 0)
set(libfracdist_so_VPAT 0)
set(fracdist_data_zip "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/data/${fracdist_data_zip_basename}")
set(fracdist_data_url "${fracdist_data_zip_basename}")
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