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    1.0.3: --linear option; version/licence info · e527067b
    Jason Rhinelander authored
    - Added --linear flag to fdpval and fdcrit that uses linear B
      interpolation between the two nearest dataset B values instead of the
      5-9 nearest points for a quadratic interpolation.
    - Added version and licence info to fdpval and fdcrit output
    - Added version variables to library (in fracdist/version.hpp, .cpp)
    - Removed md5sum check from mn-files.zip download; it broke every time
      the data set download changed (from the recent fracdist.f fixes),
      making the package unbuildable.
    - Renamed parse-vals.hpp to cli-common.hpp, and moved some more
      fdpval.cpp/fdcrit.cpp common code into it.