Commit e198c41e authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Added stat summarizer R script

parent 0cf13564
for (p in 2:4) {
for (constr in c("none", "all", -0.1, -0.2)) {
carg <- ifelse(constr == "all", "c", "!c");
larg <- ifelse(constr == "none" || constr == "all", "!L", paste(sep="", "L=", constr));
for (dist in c("beta55", "even")) {
for (v in c(999)) for (i in c(1000)) for (f in c(0.01)) for (I in c(0.1)) for (D in 0.05) for (A in c(F)) for (e in c("periodic")) for (E in c(10)) {
pat <- paste(sep="",
carg, ",", larg, ",",
rfs <- list.files("results/",
for (file in rfs) {
d <- read.
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