Commit ae677523 authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Changed summary info to LaTeX tables

parent ae899de5
for (p in 2:4) {
for (p in 3:4) {
for (constr in c("none", "all", -0.1, -0.2)) {
carg <- ifelse(constr == "all", "c", "!c");
larg <- ifelse(constr == "none" || constr == "all", "!L", paste(sep="", "L=", constr));
for (dist in c("beta55", "even")) {
for (dist in c("beta55")) {
for (v in c(999)) for (i in c(1000)) for (f in c(0.01)) for (I in c(0.1)) for (D in 0.05) for (A in c(F)) for (e in c("periodic")) for (E in c(10)) {
opts <- paste(sep="",
......@@ -32,15 +32,11 @@ for (p in 2:4) {
cat("mean:", mean(means), "\n");
cat("sd:", sd(means), "\n");
cat("5-num summ.:", fivenum(means), "\n");
cat("p", p, "constr", constr, "&", paste(sep=" & ", c(mean(means), sd(means), fivenum(means)), collapse=" & "), "\n");
cat("\nWithout left-most party:\n");
cat("win frequency:", mean(freqmL), "\n");
cat("mean:", mean(meansmL), "\n");
cat("sd:", sd(meansmL), "\n");
cat("5-num summ.:", fivenum(meansmL), "\n\n\n");
cat("w/o left: p", p, "constr", constr, "&", paste(sep=" & ", collapse=" & ", c(mean(freqmL), mean(meansmL), sd(meansmL), fivenum(meansmL))), "\n");
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