Commit e197b4ff authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Fix WeakMember assignment operators

The operators weren't returning `*this`; this somehow magically worked
properly under gcc; clang noticed and generated an illegal instruction.
parent d097b119
......@@ -195,15 +195,15 @@ public:
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<T>; replaces current weak pointer with new weak pointer
/// referencing the given member.
WeakMember& operator=(const SharedMember<T> &m) { ptr_ = m.ptr(); }
WeakMember& operator=(const SharedMember<T> &m) { ptr_ = m.ptr(); return *this; }
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<T>, rvalue version.
WeakMember& operator=(SharedMember<T> &&m) { ptr_ = std::move(m).ptr(); }
WeakMember& operator=(SharedMember<T> &&m) { ptr_ = std::move(m).ptr(); return *this; }
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<U>; only participates if convertible to SharedMember<T>.
/// Also note that this can throw at runtime whenever the SharedMember conversion throws.
template <typename U, typename = std::enable_if_t<convertible_from<U>>>
WeakMember &operator=(const SharedMember<U> &m) { *this = (SharedMember<T>) m; }
WeakMember &operator=(const SharedMember<U> &m) { *this = (SharedMember<T>) m; return *this; }
/// boolean context: returns true if there is a referenced member. Note that if not used
/// carefully this can have a race condition: the referenced member could be set (or disappear)
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