Commit d097b119 authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Added WeakMember<T> for storing weak references

WeakMember<T> is a wrapper around `std::weak_ptr<T>`, with
SharedMember<T> integration.
parent 344b55fd
......@@ -85,7 +85,10 @@ public:
/** const access to the underlying shared_ptr */
const std::shared_ptr<T>& ptr() const noexcept { return ptr_; }
const std::shared_ptr<T>& ptr() const & noexcept { return ptr_; }
/** In rvalue context the current shared pointer can be obtained as an rvalue. */
std::shared_ptr<T>&& ptr() && noexcept { return std::move(ptr_); }
/** Resets the underlying shared_ptr */
void reset() { ptr_.reset(); }
......@@ -131,16 +134,16 @@ public:
/// Default copy constructor.
SharedMember(const SharedMember<T> &) = default;
SharedMember(const SharedMember &) = default;
/// Default move constructor. The underlying shared pointer is moved
SharedMember(SharedMember<T> &&) = default;
SharedMember(SharedMember &&) = default;
/// Default copy assignment
SharedMember<T>& operator=(const SharedMember<T> &) = default;
SharedMember& operator=(const SharedMember &) = default;
/// Default move assignment
SharedMember<T>& operator=(SharedMember<T> &&) = default;
SharedMember& operator=(SharedMember &&) = default;
std::shared_ptr<T> ptr_;
......@@ -148,6 +151,69 @@ private:
template <typename O> friend class SharedMember;
/** Weak-reference version of SharedMember<T>. This is internally a wrapper around a
* `std::weak_ptr<T>` that weakly references a member. It is implicitly convertible from a
* `SharedMember<T>`, and implicitly convertible to a `SharedMember<U>` for any `U` for which
* `SharedMember<T>` is implicitly convertible. It also can be used in boolean context (in the same
* way as SharedMember, i.e. to determine if there is actually a reference). It is not otherwise
* directly usable: any member access must operate by first converting into a SharedMember<T>.
template <class T>
class WeakMember final {
template <typename U> constexpr static bool convertible_from = std::is_convertible<SharedMember<U>, SharedMember<T>>::value;
/// Default constructor; the weak pointer doesn't have a target.
WeakMember() = default;
/// Copy constructor
WeakMember(const WeakMember &) = default;
/// Move constructor
WeakMember(WeakMember &&) = default;
/// Constructs a weak member from a shared member; allows implicit conversion
WeakMember(const SharedMember<T> &member) :
ptr_{member.ptr()} {};
/// Implicit conversion from this weak member to a shared member of the same type
operator SharedMember<T>() const { return SharedMember<T>(ptr_.lock()); }
/// Same as implicit conversion to a SharedMember<T>, but easier in some contexts.
SharedMember<T> lock() const { return SharedMember<T>(ptr_.lock()); }
/// Implicit conversion from this WeakMember<T> to a related SharedMember<U>; this operator only
/// participates when `SharedMember<T>` is convertible to `SharedMember<U>`. Also note that
/// this conversion may fail (see SharedMember implicit conversion for details).
template <typename U, typename = std::enable_if_t<convertible_from<U>>>
operator SharedMember<U>() const { return SharedMember<U>(*this); }
/// Default copy assignment
WeakMember& operator=(const WeakMember &) = default;
/// Default move assignment
WeakMember& operator=(WeakMember &&) = default;
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<T>; replaces current weak pointer with new weak pointer
/// referencing the given member.
WeakMember& operator=(const SharedMember<T> &m) { ptr_ = m.ptr(); }
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<T>, rvalue version.
WeakMember& operator=(SharedMember<T> &&m) { ptr_ = std::move(m).ptr(); }
/// Copy assignment from a SharedMember<U>; only participates if convertible to SharedMember<T>.
/// Also note that this can throw at runtime whenever the SharedMember conversion throws.
template <typename U, typename = std::enable_if_t<convertible_from<U>>>
WeakMember &operator=(const SharedMember<U> &m) { *this = (SharedMember<T>) m; }
/// boolean context: returns true if there is a referenced member. Note that if not used
/// carefully this can have a race condition: the referenced member could be set (or disappear)
/// between the boolean conversion and the subsequent operation.
operator bool() { return !ptr_.expired(); }
std::weak_ptr<T> ptr_;
namespace std {
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