Commit cc4f62e1 authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

eris/types.hpp: use `using` rather than `typedef`

parent acec2374
......@@ -27,11 +27,11 @@ namespace eris {
* - ids are *currently* allocated sequentially, starting at 1. This behaviour is not
* guaranteed.
typedef uint64_t eris_id_t;
using eris_id_t = uint64_t;
/** Signed integer type that stores an eris time period. This is a signed type that can also be
* used for time period deltas. */
typedef int32_t eris_time_t;
using eris_time_t = int32_t;
/** Simple class used for methods that need to accept an eris_id_t but wants to allow any of an
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