Commit a720a141 authored by Jason Rhinelander's avatar Jason Rhinelander

Added shell script to invoke random simulation

parent 2d2c1027
set -e
for a in "$@"; do
if [ "$a" == "--help" ]; then
cat <<EOF
Usage: $0 [ARGUMENTS]
Invokes ./creativity-cli via ./creativity-random, using a suitable set of
randomized parameters. Any given arguments override the default values.
Output is placed in ./results/DATE~~HASH/creativity-SEED.crstate where DATE and
HASH are generated from the current git commit date and hash.
exit 1;
dir="./results/$(git show -s --format=%cI~~%h @)"
mkdir -p "$dir"
exec ./creativity-random ./creativity-cli \
--readers 'iU[100,200]' \
--density 'U[0.25,4]' \
--reader-step-mean 'U[.1,.9]' \
--book-distance-mean '0' \
--book-quality-sd '0' \
--creation-fixed 'U[50,250]' \
--creation-time 'iU[0,5]' \
--reader-creation-scale-min 0 \
--reader-creation-scale-range 'U[5,15]' \
--cost-market 'U[0,50]' \
--cost-unit 'U[0,10]' \
--cost-piracy 'U[0,10]' \
--initial-prob-write 'U[0.1,0.4]' \
--initial-effort-min 'U[0,50]' \
--initial-effort-range 'U[10,100]' \
--initial-price-min 'U[0,10]' \
--initial-price-range 'U[10,40]' \
--initial-prob-keep 'U[0.25,0.75]' \
--initial-keep-price 'U[0.25,0.75]' \
--piracy-link-proportion 'U[0.05,0.25]' \
--public-sharing-tax 'U[1,100]' \
--threads 0 \
--output "$dir/creativity-SEED.crstate" \
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