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      boost argument handling; GUI arguments · 2c89c1e0
      Jason Rhinelander authored
      TCLAP had some very annoying quirks.  Boost has some, too, but fewer
      than TCLAP.  It'll also allow for easy file storage of settings in the
      The GUI now takes most of the same arguments as the CLI, which set the
      defaults in the GUI.  It also gains --initialize and --start (exclusive
      of each other) to initialize or initialize and run the simulation
      This commit also includes some main class<->gui thread rearchitecting:
      there is no more "begin", "finish", and "error" parameter types which
      just encapsulated parameters and implicitly (via finish) initialized
      the simulation: setting parameters is now totally independent of
      initializing the simulation.  This simplifies the message passing
      structures a bit, which is good.
      GTK arguments are no longer accepted.  This isn't a big loss: they can
      still be set via environment variables.
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      Added build instructions; added cpack deb support · 8b75b485
      Jason Rhinelander authored
      CPack now works, building either a creativity_*.deb or
      creativity-gui_*.deb (which conflict with each other) depending on
      whether the GUI option is enabled or not.
      Added build instructions to the README.md
      Copy include files into the build directory, and now only include it
      (i.e. don't include anything directly from the source directory).
      Exclude gui headers when GUI option disabled; with the previous change,
      this means we can be extra sure that nothing depends on a gui header.
      Updated doc to build the API out of the binary creativity/ destination
      (thus ignoring gui/* headers when GUI disabled).
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